Pearls Pen

Hi, my name is Amber and I am 22 years old. I use she/her pronouns, and I'm an artist!

Art Trades

If you're interested in art trading with me send me a message on Discord! My Discord is Pearlspen I ask that you send examples of your own art before we continue.*Below are examples of art trades I've done, I did not create these characters.

Prices (USD)

  • Bust- $20

  • Half Body- $30

  • Full Body- $40

  • These are set prices that do not change, unless I give you a discount.

Extra Characters will add an additional feeBust- $10 per character added
Half Body- $15 per character added
Full Body- $20 per character added
*I do not sell sketches, flat color, or line art drawings. I only sell fully rendered drawings.

What I do

  • Oc's

  • Humans

  • Wings

  • Animal ears / Horns

  • Fanart

  • Mild Gore

What I won't do

  • NSFW

  • Furry

  • Mecha

  • Hateful content

  • Elderly people

  • Super detailed backgrounds

General Terms

  • I have the right to reject any order I don't feel comfortable with.

  • All artwork that I do may be posted on my social media

  • If you want to post my art, I ask that you credit me by Instagram.

Process and Delivery

  • Timeline is subject to change, however the commissioner will be updated frequently.

  • Once a sketch is apporoved by the commissioner, half payment is required in order for me to continue. This is to prevent scammers.

  • Once I finish your commission the other half of the payment is required.

  • Failure to stay in contact will result in late commission work or no work at all.

  • Once the piece is finished you will receive the full image sent to you by email.

  • There is no physical copy.


  • Paypal is the only way I will accept payment.

  • Prices are in USD

  • Half of the payment is required, after the buyer approves a sketch.

  • Commission is expected to be fully paid once the commission is fully complete.

  • Do not send me any payment before I agree to do your commission.

  • Buyer is allowed to a refund only if I agree. Refunds are on my terms. I will judge a refund depending how much I've worked on your commission.

  • If you request a Paypal chargeback at any point, you will lose all aforementioned rights to the commissioned piece and I will have full rights to profit further from it in any way. I will decline the chargeback and supply Paypal with our conversations in which we discussed the commission as evidence. Furthermore, you will be blacklisted from commissioning me again.


  • I will not be hurt if there's anything during the process that you don't like. Please try to let me know about any changes before the final product.

  • If a change needs to be made in the final product, an extra fee will be added.

  • Prices depend on the change you want me to make.

  • Minor changes are allowed with no fee.

Copyright / Usage

I, Amber (the artist) claim the rights to the produced drawings, not the buyer. Therefore I am allowed to use the artwork for..

  • Promoting myself with the artwork anywhere I choose.

  • Displaying the artwork anywhere to my liking.

  • Posting the artwork anywhere I want.

The buyer is allowed to..

  • Use the commission piece for personal use. (Uploading on social media profiles as long as you credit me)

  • Print the artwork for personal use and claim the character as their own, but not the artwork itself.

The following is considered copyright infringement.

  • Reproducing and making money off my artwork in any way.

  • Claiming my art as your own.

  • Removing my own signature from my artwork.

  • Altering my artwork in anyway.